Everyone Wins With Exploring

Exploring will be one of the best opportunities you offer your organizations, your employees, and the youth of your community.

Organization Benefits

  • Impact on the education process of youth
  • Team-building attitude within the company
  • Opportunity to interpret adult occupational roles for youth
  • Preparing young adults for transition from school to work
  • Creating a “safe haven” for the healthy development of adolescents
  • Developing future responsible and caring adults
  • Ensuring that young people see how your business relates to the free-enterprise system
  • Helping young adults gain insight into the ethics and ideals of business
  • Visible commitment to the welfare of your community

Employee Benefits

  • Greater job awareness
  • Developing leadership and problem-solving skills
  • Re-evaluating ethical and moral values
  • Opportunity for greater community involvement
  • Respect from youth and community
  • Identification as appropriate adult role models
  • Enhancing communication, planning, and program development skills
  • Greater commitment to service
  • Developing interpersonal skills used in the workplace and elsewhere

Youth Benefits

  • Stimulated interest in continual education
  • Career information; insight into future vocation
  • Positive alternative to negative youth activities, such as drug abuse and involvement with gangs
  • Sense of acceptance and belonging to the “right” group
  • Safe environment for adult like activities
  • Opportunities to participate in practical, real, and meaningful hands-on experiences
  • New career and personal skills
  • Opportunities to try leadership roles and develop skills
  • Cooperative relationship between adults and youth
  • Service to others