Start a Post

Start a Post

The responsibilities to sponsor an Explorer Post for the organization include:
• Screening and selecting at least four adults, including committee chairman, two committee members, and an Advisor who will work directly with the post officers.
• All participating adults are required to complete Learning for Life Youth Protection Training.
• Providing adequate facilities for the Explorer post to meet on a regular schedule with time and place reserved.
• Participating in an initial program orientation session.
• Participating in at least one evaluation with Learning for Life representatives each year.

How to Start a New Exploring Post:

1. Meet with the executive officer of the participating organization:
• Have the organization select adult leaders.
• The executive officer reviews and signs the Annual Memorandum of Understanding.

2. Post advisor and committee complete – Explorer Excellence Award and set goals for next year, including training.

3. Youth and Adult applications must have the executive officer and the Explorer Post Advisor’s signature in the appropriate places.
• A $25.00 fee for each youth and adult
• $40.00 post participation fee

4. Membership cards and Organization Certificates are mailed with a letter from the Council.

5. If earned, present Excellence Award Certificate (certificate order #99-281).

To Organize a New Post:
1. Complete the Exploring Application for Participation and Exploring Annual Memorandum of Understanding with head of the organization’s signature on both documents.

2. Complete the applications for youth and adults. The head of the organization or designee signs the adult application, while the
Advisor signs the youth application.

3. Collect all Exploring fees for youth and adults and post fee. Schedule training for adults and youth officers.

Make sure adults who have completed Exploring training are properly recorded.

Adult Structure for Explorer Posts:
The Explorer Post Committee will consist of a minimum of:
• One Advisor (EA)
• One Committee Chairman (PCC)
• Two Members of the Post Committee (PMC)
The executive officer will be listed with the Post (not required as a paid position for Explorer Posts). All participating adults as well as the executive officer will need to provide name, address, phone number and date of birth on the Adult application Form. Social Security numbers are also required for adults needing a background check.
• A Criminal background check is required of new Adults. Social security numbers and criminal background checks will not be required of employees of governmental agencies that have a criminal background completed previously as a condition of employment. Completed form #28-573 must be signed & attached with Exploring Adult application form.
• Posts can have as many associate advisors and participants of the post committee (minimum of two) as they wish.
• The fee for adults and youth is $15.00 per year per participant. Additional youth and adults may be added throughout the year at a pro- rated fee.
• Youth participation in more than one Learning for Life program or post is allowed.
• Youth and adults participating in Learning for Life (including Exploring) and registered in a traditional BSA program must pay the fees in both programs.
• Youth and adults who are with Learning for Life only are participants and are not registered members of the BSA.
• Adults active with Learning for Life on a district or council level register with Learning for Life using the Committee Participation form. If in addition to being with the district or council an adult participates in Learning for Life program (including a post), they must pay both fees.

Youth participation requirements for Exploring are:
• Age 14 and have completed 8th grade or age 15 and not yet 21. Explorers in a post prior to age 21 may continue as participants at age 21 until the post renews or until age 22 whatever comes later.

Other Issues for Explorer Posts:
1. The executive officer of the participating organization will select and approve all adults.

2. The committee chairman, in addition to operating the post committee will also serve as the liaison between the post and the participating organization.

3. ScoutNET can print out renewal worksheets listing the participating adults and youth.

4. Posts can renew for a term of 6 to 18 months. Adult and youth fees are pro-rated based on the $15.00 fee for 12 months. Each time a post renews, a $40 participation fee is required effective January 1, 2013.

5. Additional Exploring youth and adults can be added by using the correct application form and paying the pro-rated fee.

6. Use the correct training codes for Explorer adult leaders who have completed Explorer Leader Basic Training.

7. You will be able to print labels for youth and adult participants in Exploring. And you will be able to print fundraising cards for a family campaign.

8. As part of annual renewal, local registrar prints an expired roster for the post file.

Please check out the program guides for more career specific information!